Martyr's Life

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Martyr's Life is a program which emphasizes evangelism and ministry using the charismatic gifts of God, such as prophecy and healing.


The Martyr’s Life program focus is on evangelism and intentional Spirit-filled living. Martyr’s Life is designed for students interested in developing and stretching their ministry skills in a dynamic manner. Daily students will be involved in learning and experiencing Bible centered, Spirit-filled, hands-on ministry. During the college year students will spend time both at Eston College and in a variety of ministry contexts.

Program Overview

  • Immersion in both Bible College and ministry field environments.
  • Corporate and personal mentorship under mature men and women of God.
  • 6-7 ministry trips ranging from 1-2 weeks each.
  • Intensive Scripture reading leading to a through familiarity with the written Word of God.
  • Training in the methods, theology, and practice of the supernatural power of God including intercession, prophecy, healing, dream interpretation, evangelism, discernment, and spiritual warfare.
  • Instruction that does not rely on traditional educational models but instead emphasizes collaboration, experimentation, critical thinking, and experiential learning.
  • Daily times set aside for intimacy with the Christ.