GO Discipleship


GO Discipleship is ideally suited to those who want to serve the impoverished, disenfranchised, and marginalized. Destinations for ministry trips typically include soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and any place where mercy needs to be extended.


The GO Discipleship program focus is on relationship, mentoring, teaching and training. The GO Discipleship program is designed for students who are interested in a more hands-on approach to ministry in a wide variety of settings and people groups. Emphasis is on social justice, discipleship, ministry.


With the successful completion of this program, a student will:

  • Acquire skills in communicating the Christian faith
  • Establish a Biblical Christian worldview
  • Develop skills in ministering to a broad range of people in various settings
  • Become a disciplined servant of Christ
  • Possess a Christ-like character

All courses taken within the program are accredited and may be transferred into another program.