Gideon's Call

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Gideon's Call is a program which emphasizes discipleship and evangelism through music. Students learn to write songs, play music, work together with unity & purpose, and disciple people in the musical communities in which they are called to serve.


The Gideon’s Call program focus is on music ministry and evangelism. Gideon’s Call is designed for students interested in developing their musical talents and using them for ministry purposes. In addition to building a strong Biblical foundation students will be trained in musicianship, worship leading, songwriting, and ministry skills.


With the successful completion of this program, a student will:

  • Train, challenge, and encourage students in their call to music ministry
  • Establish a solid Biblical foundation for each student’s faith and lifestyle
  • Develop the character and skill set necessary to launch into music ministry
  • Give opportunity to use musical talents in ministry both in and out of a church setting
  • Make disciples of Christ who are equipped and driven to disciple others.

All courses taken within the program are accredited and may be transferred into another program