Eston College offers a variety of programs with differing emphases. The programs are designed to contribute to the degree, but as students advance through each year there is increased flexibility for them to pursue particular areas of interest. Each program has a central core major of Bible and theology so that all programs are comparable in quality and attainment standards.

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Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is ideally suited for those wanting a biblical foundation before pursuing further education, those wanting to go into ministry, and those who are drawn to traditional academic Bible training.

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Martyr's Life

Martyr's Life is a program which emphasizes evangelism and ministry using the charismatic gifts of God, such as prophecy and healing.

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Go Discipleship

Go Discipleship is ideally suited to those who want to serve the impoverished, disenfranchised, and marginalized. Destinations for ministry trips typically include soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and any place where mercy needs to be extended.

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Gideon's Call

Gideon's Call is a program which emphasizes discipleship and evangelism through music. Students learn to write songs, play music, work together with unity & purpose, and disciple people in the musical communities in which they are called to serve.

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English as a Second Language

ESL is designed for people who want to grow and mature in their faith while learning English. It is an immersion program with a curriculum based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks that provides the daily opportunity to study and communicate in English while growing in God’s Word and His Spirit.

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