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Eston College is offering every Eston College, FGBC, and FGBI graduate complimentary tuition for one audit class per year. Just because someone has graduated from Eston College does not mean that their journey of learning is over. Rather we want to pour into the lives of every person who has come through the doors of the college.

If you have graduated you can attend one audit class (a class taken without credit) per academic year. All that alumni have to pay to attend is the $25 application fee and the $25 Populi fee (student information management program) plus room and board if staying on campus. If you wish to take the course for credit, all you pay is the difference in tuition between an audit and credit course (about $60).

Free classes are not available if an alumnus has graduated with a certificate and is pursuing a diploma or degree, or if an alumnus has graduated with a diploma and is pursuing a degree, or if an alumnus has graduated from a degree and is pursuing a different degree.

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Eston College has partnered with Knowledge Elements to provide online classes.

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The catalogue explains everything about how the college works, including our classes, fees, and student life.

Online Courses

Eston College has partnered with Knowledge Elements to provide more courses for our students, especially juniors, seniors, and those doing post-basic diploma upgrades. These are the courses currently available:

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At Eston College, we are always looking for ways to partner with our churches and to pour into God's people.

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Employment Opportunities


After 11 years of effective leadership, Rev. Brian Fuller has announced his resignation as President of Eston College (term ending July 31).  This year, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, the college is in a strong position for continued growth and impact. We believe that the upcoming transition in leadership is by God’s leading and is in His timing and that He has great plans for the continued work of the college.  

For information on the position and application process, please see the attached President’s Profile 2019 or contact Monty Johnson at  The application deadline is April 1, 2019.

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