Upcoming Mini Semesters

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Winter Semester 2019

January 7-11

PRM 149 - Introduction to Biblical Preaching

The purpose of this course is to give an overview of different styles and methods of biblical preaching. A secondary purpose is to move from the process of interpreting Scripture to that of a biblical sermon. This course combines principles of effective communication with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to inspire passionate and relevant preaching.

Taught by Kevin Schwartz

GNS 210 - History and Practices of the Ancient Church

The history of the Church is rife with revelations of the sovereignty of God, the heroism and villainy of humankind, and the wisdom gleaned from two millennia of life in the Spirit. This course is a survey of the history of the early Christian community (approximately 30AD – 750 AD) with an emphasis on the eastern church. It will help the student to understand the heritage of Christian faith and how to integrate its most fruitful thought and practices into the present. It will emphasize the theology and spiritual lives of men and women of God who defied the convention of their times to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to a world suffering under the burden of darkness.

Taught by Sean Stevenson-Douglas

BTH 255 - Philippians/Colossians

These two epistles contain many beloved passages—both doctrine and instruction for Christian living. They will be studied for both understanding and application to modern life and ministry.

Taught by Dr. John Loge



Mini-semesters cost $199 per credit hour (each course is three credits, a total of $597), plus $25 application fee and $25 Populi fee (student information management program). When you attend a mini-semester you have the opportunity to stay in the on-campus residences and experience the college community. Room + all meals = $180 per week. If you have any questions please contact the Admissions Office at 1-888-440-3424 or

Alumni and Pastoral Discounts

Eston College offers one mini-semester class without charge to existing pastoral staff who are recognized by a congregation. The offer applies to tuition but not room and board and is limited to the first mini-semester class taken by the applicant. Application fee, books and any other charges are the responsibility of the applicant. Alumni may audit one free class per year (mini-semester or regular semester). This is designed as an opportunity for our alumni to keep learning and growing in their faith! Room and board, application fee, books and any other charges are the responsibility of the applicant.