Grow Spiritually

A Greenhouse for Spiritual Growth

While studying at Eston College, each student understands that they are going to invest a significant amount of time and energy in cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And while a vibrant spiritual life cannot be legislated or forced, the leadership will gracefully encourage a life of maturity through reading the Word, prayer, service, community and accountability.

Growing in Christ-Likeness



Chapel is an essential component of spiritual growth, providing opportunities for corporate worship, fellowship, and edification. Chapels are scheduled to take place on Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.


Faith in Motion

The book of Acts records how the early Christians met daily to study God’s word, pray, serve, and eat together. At Eston College we strive to model our community after the Bible. During this time, we will take spiritual practices normally done in private and provide space to practice them publicly like the early church did. The long-term purpose of corporate spiritual practice is to train our habits so that Christian habits become instinctual and students keep practicing these things after leaving Bible College.

Floor Meetings

Floor Meetings are meetings purposed to spend time with those living on your floor and usually last about one hour. Students gather in their residences for a time of sharing, prayer and fellowship.



Staff and faculty members of Eston College develop a deep love and concern for each student and make themselves available for informal, confidential, personal, and spiritual advice. One of the advantages of being a small college is that it provides opportunities for staff and students to become acquainted on a more personal level. If there are issues beyond the expertise of college personnel, the student is referred to a professional counselor or physician.

Resident Directors serve as interns and oversee the well-being of student life. Resident Assistants are chosen by the Student Services Department and are responsible to ensure each student's needs are being met.