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Grow Spiritually

In today's world most Christians don't give enough time to mature in Christ. Eston College is like a greenhouse for spiritual growth. Our weekly schedule includes classroom time and a variety of activities designed to foster a better walk with Christ. We also provide an environment where habits necessary to faithfully and effectively thrive as a follower of Jesus can be developed.

Learning Beyond Books

At Eston College we value the study of God's word, but we believe that learning happens best when people have a chance to put into practice what they study. For this reason, we have a variety of learning tracks designed to serve each and every student. Our educational model requires our teachers to do more than just lecture. Every class includes interactive components, group work, and practical assignments. As well, all of our tracks have a travelling component to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to practice living out faith in Christ.


Make Lifelong Friends

At Eston College, we believe that you grow stronger in your relationship with Christ if you are in a community of like-minded believers. Because we are an urban school, our students not only study together, but worship, pray, eat, and live together, which creates the potential for lifelong friendships. Many of our alumni say that their best friends well into adult life are people they went to college with.


We know that College is not inexpensive, but we believe it is a valuable part of any person's discipleship journey. At Eston College, we do our best to keep costs low and to provide bursaries and other incentives to help offset the expense.

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Our Facilities

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