English as a Second Language

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ESL is designed for people who want to grow and mature in their faith while learning English. It is an immersion program with a curriculum based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks that provides the daily opportunity to study and communicate in English while growing in God’s Word and His Spirit.

Program Goals

  • Improve English comprehension in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible
  • Develop confidence in God’s ability to use ESL students in English ministry situations
  • Preparation for entry into the mainstream Bible program.

Program Overview

  • English immersion combined with an intensive English program with Biblical studies
  • Students are assessed at the beginning of the year and placed in one of three levels (CLB 1-8) most appropriate for their ability
  • Daily English classes taught by qualified, experienced ESL instructors.
  • Maximum ESL class size of ten students.
  • Special tutoring offered for Bible classes.
  • Travel in western Canada on ministry trips.
  • Opportunities to use English in ministry situations.
  • Enjoy Canadian cultural experiences.
  • Live with Canadian students in dorms, and make new friends