Josh Chalmers - #noMATHEIN noPATHEIN


#nomatheinnopathein (Hebrews 5:8-9)

Curious about what 'mathein' and 'pathein' mean? With a 2018 kick-off service to "Plunge" us back into the new semester, Josh Chalmers discusses obedience. Sometimes we're as obedient as a dog, who simply cannot contain themselves from snatching food off the table when we aren't looking. Sometimes we can be as obedient as the people who have the discipline to execute a polar plunge in the middle of winter. So what determines our obedience? Using people from the Bible such as Jesus, David, and Joseph (Or, Virgin Joe, if you will), Josh shows us that people don't obey because they don't have enough information. If obedience isn't a knowledge problem what kind of problem is it?

Here are a few links mentioned within the preach: - Housefires Song - Francis Chan Simon Says video

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