Jeremy Crowe - The Truest Thing About You


Jeremy has been reading from the book "Truest Thing About You" by David Lomas lately, and has been walking through a deeper understanding of identity. He shares the revelation he's been getting with the community of Eston College, and helped walk us through our own spaces where we see lies, or even half truths, about ourselves. It’s true, Jeremy grew up in the hood, and he was the hype boy in a rap group. But that’s not the truest thing about him. So what is? It's true, you may be tall, short, or of average height; you may have blonde hair, black hair, or brown hair, but this does not mean that is who you are. Are you struggling in your identity? Are you confident in who you are? Regardless, this is a sermon for everyone. Listen in to hear about the truest thing about you.