Andrew Switzer - Open Our Eyes: People

Who is the good Samaritan?

We look at the story of the good Samaritan and think that we are supposed to be the hero of the story. But, is this really true in our lives? What if there was a different way to look at the story? Andrew lays out a common story in a different perspective, which radically changes the way we interpret the story.  Jesus is the good Samaritan. We're the one's who need saving. It's not about us. It's about Jesus.

Andrew Switzer, pastor of Kipling People's Church in Kipling, SK, was our guest speaker for the 2017 Sr. High Encounter. He spent the weekend speaking out of Ephesians 1:18, talking about "opening our eyes." The theme of the weekend was promises, and this series of sermons is sure to open your heart towards the presence, promises, power, and people of God. This is part 4 0f 4.