Elsie Welch - Becoming Firebrands


"You can't be a fighter, until you're a lover."

If you want to be a firebrand, you need to get close to the fire. Elsie explains the meaning of firebrands, which is someone who has intimate relationship with God. The power is in the gospel, you just have to preach it! With great passion, Elsie describes how her journey to where she is now includes being hungry for the things of God. Surrounding yourself with other lovers of God. How do you never lack in zeal? Stay in love with Jesus, feed the fire that you already have, give him 100% with no compromises, and stay under the tap. "You can't be a fighter, until you're a lover." In other words, you cannot become a ground winner for the Kingdom until you have stoked the fire in your heart.

We had the privilege and pleasure of having Elsie Welch join us as the featured speaker for the Refresh Conference in February 2017. She delivered passionate and convicting messages of hope, God’s goodness, firebrands,  and walking out His call on our lives. This is part 3 of 4.