Elsie Welch - Letting Go of Burdens


How thirsty are you for a move of God?

When we carry burdens around with us, they become too heavy for us to carry. Our burdens actually withhold us from the pursuit of everything that we are called to, because they cause us to stumble and fall. Elsie talks about personal examples from her life, about how letting go of these things can free you to a lifestyle of repentance and joy. When we draw from old wells that we are not pouring fresh water into, we run dry. In Isaiah 44 it talks about pouring water over thirsty land, and then pouring out His Spirit. We must toil the rocky, dry, hard soil in our hearts, to allow water to trickle in.

"Are you thirsty enough for your immediate family? Your community? For your province? For nations? How thirsty are you for God, How thirsty are you for a move of God?"

We had the privilege and pleasure of having Elsie Welch join us as the featured speaker for the Refresh Conference in February 2017. She delivered passionate and convicting messages of hope, God’s goodness, firebrands,  and walking out His call on our lives. This is part 2 of 4.