Aaron S. - The Revelation of Love


If the whole ocean was made of ink, and the sky of parchment paper; even if all the people were skillful scribes, still we would not have enough to tell of God's love! Aaron shares a powerful message of personal testimony and revelation about God's love. He tells personal stories of moments where God met with him, which changed his spiritual walk forever. Whether in the valley or on the mountain top, He remains. Abide in Him! What a radical idea to preach the simple gospel to Christians. Yet so often we forget about the power it holds! While it seems like a basic principle, we all need a revelation of this love - and what it has done for us. The greatest sacrifice of all, Jesus, was poured out for us - as "everything about the cross screams, "I love you." Listening to this sermon will refresh you in His promises, and bring you a new perspective to the gospel.