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All applicants must:

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Have a sincere desire to study the Bible and be willing to be involved in Christian ministry.

  • Have a Grade 12 diploma or equivalent (those applying without a high school diploma may be accepted as a mature student, home-educated student, or by special privilege).

  • Complete the application process.

  • Be willing to adhere to the student life guidelines as stated in the Student Handbook.


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We love International Students!

International Student Requirements

In addition to the entrance requirements, international students must obtain student authorization and visa prior to admittance into Canada. To do this, applicants must present the Canadian Government Office in their own country with:

  1. A declaration of Conditional Acceptance from Eston College.
  2. Evidence of their good character and, if needed, a letter from their sponsoring organization.
  3. Evidence of adequate funds for the student and, if applicable, his/her family to live and study in Canada and also to return to their country.
  4. Certificate of medical clearance from required countries.
  5. Once they have received their student visa and passport, and Eston College has received total payment of funds, international students will receive an official letter of acceptance from Eston College.

Please note that these preparations take longer than one may anticipate. It is recommended that international students begin their preparations six months or more in advance of the academic year in which they intend to study.

Have a question?

Contact Sandra Schwartz, our International Student Advisor, at 1-888-440-3424 or

International Student Withdrawal

Application Withdrawal (prior to reaching Canada) If you choose not to pursue studies in Canada (your visa has not been denied and you are still in your home country), you will receive a refund of all monies paid to Eston College for tuition and fees less the application fee. Processing time is approximately 2 – 4 weeks, upon receipt of written request. Please also note that Immigration will be notified of your withdrawal from Eston College.

Program Withdrawal (after reaching Canada) If the applicant chooses not to pursue studies at Eston College once his or her Study Permit (Student Visa) has been approved, he or she may be eligible for a partial refund. The student must fill out a Withdrawal Form which can be obtained from the Registrar. The Registrar will then direct the student through the appropriate steps. For refund purposes, the date on which the withdrawal form is completed and submitted to the Administration Office will be considered the date of withdrawal. International students who withdraw from or who discontinue their studies at Eston College and do not pursue studies at another designated post-secondary institution in Canada are responsible to leave the country immediately. Room and board charges will apply to students remaining on campus after this date. Refund of fees (see College catalogue) and damage deposit will be forwarded by mail. Please also note that Citizenship & Immigration Canada will be notified of the withdrawal from Eston College.

International Student Transfer of Credits

Students who have attended an accredited institution outside of Canada may request to transfer credits to Eston College. A letter requesting recognition of credit, along with an official transcript from the other college(s), must be received by the Registrar when applying. Courses which received a mark less than C- or equivalent will not be considered for transfer. The Registrar and Academic Dean will follow steps required to determine transferability of credit. Credits from colleges holding membership with ABHE will be transferable. Entry-level criteria for the transferring institution and level of study must be similar to Eston College. A syllabus of each course may be requested by the Registrar. To help determine transferability, Eston College may contact an ABHE member college for input. To further aid in determining transferability Eston College may contact International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).

International Student Employment

Information is available from

Applicants Whose First Language is not English

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit a TOEFL score of at least 550 on the paper-based test or 80 on the computer-based test before they will be admitted into a regular college program. A student who falls short of this score must enrol in Eston College’s ESL program to develop English language skills (see College Catalogue for information on the ESL program). A student may re-take the TOEFL at the end of each semester, if so desired, and when the minimum score is achieved, may apply to the college program for admission.