Upcoming Mini Semesters

Fall Semester 2017

PRM 100 – Introduction to Christian Living

This course is designed to strengthen your life as a disciple of Christ. It gives attention to the student’s walk with the Lord and encourages a strong focus on spiritual growth. It is an experience intended to fortify the foundations of an ongoing, intimate, and faithful relationship with God that will undergird whatever vocational path students pursue. The content covers relevant topics such as our relationship with God, engaging with the Bible, prayer, discipleship, evangelism, service, the gifts of the Spirit, our world, relationships with others and spiritual warfare. Readings and assignments have been chosen to stimulate personal development rather than focusing on assimilating information.

Taught by Brian Fuller

Sept. 11-22

PRM 230 – Leadership I: Foundations of Christian Leadership

This course is an introduction to the study and practice of leadership from a Christian perspective. The teaching will not focus on any one type of leadership, but rather will attempt to examine the question of leadership within a Christian/Biblical framework, broad enough for any student. Focus will also be on followership. Each student will be given the opportunity to discover, evaluate, and practice different aspects of leadership.

Taught by Gary Stevenson

Sept. 11-22

BTH 216 Joshua/Judges/Ruth

Using a variety of teaching methods (lecture, group/individual project, reading, and evaluations), this course is designed to increase appreciation of, and add knowledge of these OT books and how they can be applied and taught today. A chapter by chapter approach will be used in class, as well as much student participation.

** PLEASE NOTE- This course is being offered as a Free Audit to anyone who is interested in taking it. You will still need to pay the application and Populi fees (our student data base system), as well as room and board for the week. If you are wanting to take the course for credit you will be required to pay the full amount.  If you have questions please contact the Registrar’s office.**

Taught by Dr. John Loge

Sept. 18-22

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Mini-semesters cost $199 per credit hour (each course is three credits, a total of $597), plus $25 application fee and $25 Populi fee (student information management program). When you attend a mini-semester you have the opportunity to stay in the on-campus residences and experience the college community. Room + all meals = $180 per week. If you have any questions please contact the Admissions Office at 1.888.440.3424 or

Alumni and Pastoral Discounts

Eston College offers one mini-semester class without charge to existing pastoral staff who are recognized by a congregation. The offer applies to tuition but not room and board and is limited to the first mini-semester class taken by the applicant. Application fee, books and any other charges are the responsibility of the applicant. Alumni may audit one free class per year (mini-semester or regular semester). This is designed as an opportunity for our alumni to keep learning and growing in their faith! Room and board, application fee, books and any other charges are the responsibility of the applicant.