EC Speaks

Elsie Welch – Letting Go of Burdens

How thirsty are you for a move of God? When we carry burdens around with us, they become too heavy for us to carry. Our burdens actually withhold us from the pursuit of everything that we are called to, because they cause us to stumble and fall. Elsie talks about personal examples from her life, about … Continued

Anastasya Laverdiere – Destined for Sonship

It’s not about our performance. Anastasya wanted to preach on destiny, because isn’t that one of the most inviting and exciting messages? But instead, she preaches on what comes before destiny, which is our destiny to be a son or daughter of God. We often push aside our sonship for our calling, but it’s such … Continued

Elsie Welch – Relentless Pursuit

God has a relentless pursuit for our full hearts. “Sometimes human love is fickle, but let me tell you, Jesus keeps his marriage vows.” Using personal testimony, story, and prayer, Elsie delivers a message of passion. This message focuses specifically about 2017, God’s love, and how this year is a year marked by God. Elsie invites … Continued

Kevin Perry – Worthy of Your Calling

Keep running the race, don’t get distracted. Kevin Perry closed Camp Week with a passionate message about living a life worthy of your calling, based on Ephesians 4:1-6. If you are lacking in passion or vision for your life, this is a message that will strike fire to your dry bones. Kevin preaches a breakthrough … Continued

Rhythm MacPherson – Coming Into the Light

Rhythm shares a passionate word about not wasting your life on your own agenda, but coming into the light with vulnerability. She challenges us to lay down our own selfishness before the throne of God, and ask Him to help us walk in freedom. “What we hide we keep, and what we reveal we heal.” What … Continued

Aaron Steinley – The Revelation of Love

If the whole ocean was made of ink, and the sky of parchment paper; even if all the people were skillful scribes, still we would not have enough to tell of God’s love! Aaron shares a powerful message of personal testimony and revelation about God’s love. He tells personal stories of moments where God met … Continued

Anita Pearce – Jesus is Our Destiny

Anita delivers an incredible, passionate message on destiny. She used ‘C’ words like cost and conviction, to describe how important is is to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly. Our attachments to comfort, worldly possessions, and sinful nature drags us down from pursuing Christ. Our convictions reveal the position of our souls, where we are willing to go, and … Continued

Josh Chalmers – Theology of Mockery

Josh Chalmers spoke about our theology of mockery. Why does our society mock others? Going back to the death of Jesus, when he was being mocked and scorned, Josh taught about why this portion of the death of Jesus is important. “Why were they taunting him? Why were they humiliating who he was? Because if Jesus … Continued

Deb McNabb – Mercy Requires Response

Deb McNabb shared a great word about mercy. What is it, and what does it look like? It is to love being kind. It’s a simple explanation, but a difficult application. With relevant examples, she exemplified what showing kindness looks like, despite the difficulties we face in the midst of trials. Other people’s hurts should not … Continued